Do you get time to read while you are busy with your family, career, business?

Have you ever felt like you never have enough time or energy to learn?

No worries my dear friend; I am here for that.


What you can expect from this blog?

I will not tell you how to earn money or become a millionaire in a blink. I will do even more than that if you like me to do. 

  • I will help you broaden your perspective so that you will enjoy living on the earth. How’s that? 
  • You will find summaries of the top selling self-help and personality development books
  • Moreover, engaging Short stories to read and ponder for a while
  • Also, articles on mindful living and my reading notes to reflect upon your own self
  • I assure you that visiting this blog will help you find your true self. You will understand yourself better and learn how to deal with your environment around.



Who am I?


Hey there, I am Vinod. I am a content writer, storyteller, and creator of this blog.

I am a certified Happiness Life Coach and deeply interested and hence student of human emotions and its impact on life.

You surely have many goals in life and my goal is to help you achieve your goals.


Why listen to me?

  • Mentored 50+ clients on emotional choke up through One to One sessions
  • Relived clients from personal pains on issues like anxiety, loneliness, relationships, and even career.

I am aware that you are too occupied with life-hustles and find it difficult to read regularly.

So, I have decided to make this reading easier for you. Here at this blog, I will keep sharing my reading notes and insights from the books that I read regularly.

While writing my insights after reading books, I combine ideas from subjects like psychology, philosophy, Neuroscience, Biology and try to connect dots. Hence,  reading my blog will show you the world from a different angle and this, in turn, will help you to take better decisions in personal as well as professional life.

Whether you are working professional, entrepreneur, sports person or owner of your own venture, you will definitely find this blog useful for continual improvement and living a successful and meaningful life.

I am not an expert or Guru. I keep experimenting with myself and share only such thing that I find doable and result oriented.


Share the link to this blog among your friends and help them to learn too.