Principles: Life & Work by Ray Dalio

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is only one secret to success and that is  to understand how nature works. Evolution is a far greater and more powerful force in nature than an individual life. It is the only thing that is permanent and it drives everything. As a result, you experience constant interaction happening around you. This interaction happening among …

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Thinking Fast and Slow

Thinking fast and slow

Reading Time: 3 minutes You have serious drama going out in your mind all the time through day. There are two different but interdependent systems that keep the drama going which govern your behavior. One is automatic and other is deliberate. The automatic is impulsive and works using intuition or gut-feelings. The second is through considerations, calculations and is …

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Think and Grow Rich- The ultimate money making secret

Think and Grow Rich

Reading Time: 6 minutes It was in the middle of the afternoon. A young man jumped down of a freight train on the platform of Orange city, New Jersey. He wanted to meet Thomas A. Edison, the great inventor and a wealthy man then, to become his business partner. But, two difficulties stood in his way. First, he didn’t …

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How to Own Your Own Mind by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do you own your own mind? Sound silly, doesn’t it? Without any second thought, we always assume that we own our own mind. But hold it. Answer my few questions below. Do you have a major purpose or goal in your life? Do you spend all the time in a day working on this major …

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