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Do you own your own mind?

Sound silly, doesn’t it? Without any second thought, we always assume that we own our own mind. But hold it.

Answer my few questions below.

Do you have a major purpose or goal in your life?

Do you spend all the time in a day working on this major goal?

Are you able to sort facts from opinions easily?

On top of that are you able to sort important facts from unimportant facts those are not relevant for your goals?

In short, are you able to control which thoughts should be there in your mind for longer time?

If your answer to each of these questions is YES, then congratulations. You perfectly own your mind. You are either already a successful person or on the way to get it soon.

If your answer is NO to even a single question here, then this is a MUST READ book for you.

No time to read complete book? No worry. I have already read the book for you. Let’s read the summary now.

This is one of the best books in Self-help category.

I know, you constantly think about how to be successful in your career or how to achieve huge success in business. So, here is my promise to you, once you understand the concepts given in this book, you will erase the word impossible from your dictionary and will live to a successful life forever. Let’s start then.

About the Author

Oliver Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author. He wrote several best selling books including most famous “Think And Grow Rich” which is among the 10 best selling self-help books of all the time. Moreover, he studied and interviewed success stories of great men for more than 20 years. This led him to structure 17 principles of personal development popularly known as “mental Dynamite”.

Summary of book

The book precisely separates highly successful person from the average persons. Author tells that highly successful person owns his own mind. This is his secret to obtain grand success. 3 principles from “Mental Dynamite” help you to have complete control on your mind. This ultimately leads you to success in almost any area of the life.

How to own your own mind

Every man gravitates to the place in life where he belongs, by preparation and by acquired habits, as naturally as water flows downhillAndrew Carnegie

If you have Creative Vision, Organized Thoughts and Controlled Attention then you completely own your own mind. These 3 principles are not only inter-connected but has profound effect on everything you do. Let’s understand them one by one here.

  1. Creative Vision

Successful person always has a major goal in life. It becomes his passion which he follows constantly. Not only that, but he also has action plan to pursue his goal. He even starts taking actions immediately without any excuse. Moreover, he takes help and guidance from other experienced men to save on his efforts and time. This all collectively known as “creative vision”. Whenever you see any successful business, there is at least one person with creative vision.

Steps in Creative Vision
Creative Vision – 4 steps for achieving great success in Life

Successful person follows through all these steps whereas, average person gets stumbled at imagination only. Imagination is just a part of visualizing major goal or end result. An average person has visualization of success in life. But, he fails to convert this visualization into reality as he somehow lacks the action.

Creative Vision when backed by two important thinking habits results into success

2. Organized thoughts – On an average, a person has 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts in a day. Most of them are opinions, biases, hearsay evidences. Successful people know it well that every thought is not important to them. Therefore, they clearly separates mere opinions from the facts and concentrates only on facts. Moreover, they separates unimportant facts from important facts.

Controlled attention
Organized thinking coupled with controlled attention takes you to new highs


Important facts are those facts which are closely associated with the major purpose of your life, rest all are unimportant. Following this principle reduces most of the distraction and discouragement. It also helps to focus on the major goals.

3. Controlled attention – It is the ability of mind to apply all the faculties of brain for the attainment of goals. It involves the conscious as well as subconscious mind. When you hold any thought constantly in conscious mind for sufficient time, it ignites the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind has connection with the infinite intelligence available in the universe which governs all the laws of universe. As a result, subconscious mind with the help of Infinite Intelligence starts providing you with all possible solutions. This is known as “Inward Vision”.

All the great scientists and successful businessmen have used this principles to get success in their endeavours. Controlled attention converts common desire into obsessional desire which ultimately yield results. Nothing is impossible for a person who ignites his subconscious mind. This is the real secret of success.

Both Organised thinking and Controlled Attention need self-discipline in thinking. When you are able to follow this, you can say that you own your own mind.

Actionable Tips:

  1. Have a major goal of your life written down on paper
  2. Visit that paper once in a week to keep yourself boosted
  3. Do not entertain your every thought that is coming in your head.
  4. Do you make it a habit to sort thoughts out from opinions? Work on it.
  5. Opinions are just opinions and not proven facts. So trust only on facts. Do not entertain opinions.
  6. Even among facts, few facts are essential for you to attain life goals. Pay attention to only those facts.
  7. Rest all facts, may however true they are, drop them and focus on only important ones as mentioned above.
  8. Focusing on important facts saves lots of your energy and time.
  9. Be vigilant and ask at each thought, is this important to think it over? Is this thought taking me closure to my life goal? If yes, then think on it other just simply say, STOP. Not Now. Get back to your work.
  10. If while working, that same thought again comes to your mind, say again, “Stop. Not now.” If done this 2-3 times, your mind knows what is important for you at that moment and then you get only those thoughts which are important.
  11. We need to tame our mind and tell it what is important for us. It does listen to us.
  12. With practise, you get only quality thoughts which are important and everything around seems easy.
  13. Once, you are busy in thinking only about life goals, your subconscious mind ignites which makes everything easy for you. there is only one way to do this, practise, practise and practise.
  14. Always keep in mind, he who controls his thought, controls everything in this universe.


In case, you would like to know more about any of the concepts discussed here then send me message below.

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Vinod, Reading next book for you.

Think and Grow Rich- The ultimate money making secret

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