Think and Grow Rich- The ultimate money making secret

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It was in the middle of the afternoon.

A young man jumped down of a freight train on the platform of Orange city, New Jersey. He wanted to meet Thomas A. Edison, the great inventor and a wealthy man then, to become his business partner.

But, two difficulties stood in his way. First, he didn’t know Mr. Edison personally and second he didn’t have enough money to pay his railroad fare to Orange, New Jersey. So, he came by a freight train instead of passenger train.

He searched for the address, presented himself before Mr. Edison and expressed his purpose (DESIRE). Edison rejected his partnership but offered him a job of sweeper instead. This young man was happy with that too, as he was able to surround Edison every day (Master Mind Alliance). The name of this young man was Edison C. Barnes.

Months and years went by. Apparently nothing happened to convert Barnes goal into reality. But, something important was happening into his mind. Being able to see Mr. Edison daily, he was intensifying his desire to become the business partner of Edison (DESIRE TO OBSESSION).

One fine day after nearly two years, Barnes saw Mr. Edison discussing about his newly perfected dictating machine with his sales team. No one from the sales team was looking confident about this new machine. Barnes spotted an opportunity. He quickly understood that that machine was useful for executives  in corporate offices. Overnight, he prepared a detailed sales plan of this machine and presented it to Edison the very next morning. It was such an impressive plan that Edison offered him the exclusive rights for selling this machine.

Thereafter, Barnes never looked back in life. He became the business partner of Edison, the most successful businessman of his time. Barnes retired with Billions into his pocket when he was still young.

A poor man once without any education, money, influence, support, was a wealthy man of America then. Hats off to Barnes’ strong desire backed up with initiative, perseverance, faith and self-belief.

Edwin C Barnes; How he changed his fortune?

When Barnes saw a dream of becoming a business partner of Edison, he was Mr. NOBODY from NOWHERE. Whereas Edison was one of the wealthiest men in America. Still Barnes sticked to his dream. Took immediate initiative and reached to Edison. He never lost faith in his dream and rest is history.

Most of the people let go of such dreams as they think it is not possible without money, education or influence to become rich or famous. Here, most people lose opportunity to bring fortune for them.

When a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win. Thomas A Edison

Years later, Edison spoke about the first meeting with Barnes. He said, “Barnes stood before me, looking like an ordinary tramp, but there was something in the expression of his face which conveyed the impression that he was determined to get what he had come after. I gave him the opportunity to stick around me, because I saw he had made up his mind to stand by until he succeeded. Subsequent events proved that no mistake was made.”

This is the story from the book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill.

Does this book asks you to THINK about GROWING RICH?

Absolutely NOT.

In fact, everyone every time thinks about growing rich. Then why everyone is not rich?

Here is the KEY.

Take a look at the above story once again. When do you think Barnes started earning real money? When did the fortune of Barnes change in your opinion?

Even though he was there in the laboratory of Edison, he was just a sweeper, a common man. His life took a turn  only after when he showed to Edison, his sales plan about selling dictating machine. Not immediately then, but when he took action on implementing those sales plans. His fortune changed from the day he started selling dictating machine practically and He GREW RICH. Because selling dictating machines was the ACT which was taking him towards his DEFINITE GOAL of becoming BUSINESS PARTNER of Edison.

That’s it. The book THINK and GROW RICH tells you NOT TO THINK ABOUT GROWING RICH.

Instead, it tells you to THINK about MAJOR GOAL or PURPOSE OF LIFE which in reality is the purpose of your very existence.

Since, there is no use of THINKING without the ACTION on it, the book also tells you to ACT on that DESIRE with all your mental, physical and spiritual power.

Once your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS are aligned TOWARDS a SINGLE MAJOR GOAL, you get abundant SUCCESS and as a result of that you GROW RICH.

 How your mind works?

You mind works on certain principles. The author mentioned them as the MENTAL DYNAMITE. This book gives an in-depth overview of those principles.

Conscious Mind
Energy of conscious mind distracts to every direction


These principles are nothing but CATEGORIES OF THOUGHTS wrapped up in emotions. They perform as a fuel for conscious mind and help it to decide and act on certain decisions. In case of an average man’s life, these principles are scattered in various directions and not aligned towards a specifics action.

The secret to attain huge success in life

Without any exception, all highly successful persons show a peculiar habit of organized thinking. It is nothing but thinking for attainment of goal. If you aligns all your thoughts towards the ONE MAJOR GOAL of your life, you enter into the state of controlled attention. This is a phase of thinking where you get connected with subconscious mind. See the diagram below.

Sixth Sense
Focusing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual power towards major goal is the only secrete to success


Getting connected with subconscious mind super fires your creative imagination for attaining your major goal. This is none other than your SIXTH SENSE. People start knowing you as GENIUS as you happen to know much more about an area related to your major goal than what an ordinary man knows about it. This sixth sense starts throwing ideas or concepts related to your goal from every possible source around you like what you see around, common talks you have with people, someone else’ ideas etc etc. Since back of the mind you keep thinking about your goal, your sense organs try to catch everything around that may be useful for you to attain your goal.

How to concentrate your all thoughts on major goal of life

All principles mentioned above are inter-related to each other and has strong effect on your thought process. Follow the steps given below to align all these principles towards the major goal.

                                                             Steps to focus on a single goal


Writing this steps on paper and reading them every day works as auto-suggestion. This increases your faith which magnetize your brain for more imagination to overcome problems in achieving goal. Subsequently, your thoughts become more organized to achieve your major goal. You are on the path to obtain huge success.

Last but not the least

You may be a student, trying to get through your exams or an entrepreneur making your mark in the industry or an employee who wish to climb up the ladder of hierarchy. The one thing that will help you stand different from all others is your obsession backed up by sound plan of action and is followed with perseverance till the time you achieve your goal. This is secrete to the success. But if you really want to GROW RICH then THINK HOW YOU CAN BE OF HELP TO OTHERS. THE MORE PEOPLE YOU RENDER YOUR SERVICES TO, MORE RICH YOU BECOME.


Let me know if you liked the essence of book given here. I would like to know if you started taking actions to get success in your life.

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