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Can you reach a place where you never started to go actually?

One of my close friends is planning to visit hill station during Christmas vacation. He plans for it every year but never had been there in last 4-5 years.  The hill station is a journey of 3 days from his hometown. Still, years passed by and he could not reach there.

Goal setting
The distance between your current life and expected life


This year he planned it well and made all the arrangements well in advance. Still, he missed it and could not enjoy his vacations at the destination. What should be the reason? He planned it this time but didn’t execute the plan. He remained busy in some other things and missed his travel date.

Act on the plan, if you want to achieve your goals

If you don’t act as per plan, you are never going to reach to your destination.

Is the same thing happening with you in your life? Are you living an ordinary life sandwiched between 9 – 5 job? Are you facing difficulty in achieving what you dreamt of past so many years? Are your still struggling to consider yourself as successful in life? Are you unable to live a life as you imagined yourself sometimes back? If yes, then there is problem with your goal setting. You are dreaming of it but not making it as a goal in your life.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

Let’s take a look at the life of most successful people around you. They have life-goals. Not only goals but they seem to be on a continuous mission. However small their mission may seem to you, but they are constantly following up their mission to create something or convert something or to find something. These missions make their ordinary lives extraordinary.

They don’t just have goals, but even proper plan how they will reach to their goals. Because, goals without proper execution plans are just dreams. Such goals will never see the light of the day.

You may have wished a financial freedom at the age of 45. Or you have dreamt many times of sitting in the chair of General Manager in your organization. Even, you may have wished to have enough money to afford one foreign tour at least every year. But, they are flying like your dreams in front of your eyes because you never have planned for any of it.

Will planning only help you reach your destination?  

Plan to reach to your destination doesn’t take you to your destination. You will have to start going there physically. You must act on your plans. You must sweat yourself to make your goals a reality in life.

There comes the real problem. Who would not want to get rich? Who wouldn’t like to become a GM in the company? Who wouldn’t like to live a life with true financially freedom? But are you ready to take efforts for achieving what you dreamt off.

It is really easy to set goals or prepare a plan for achieving that goal. But unless you execute it with complete determination, your life is not going to change.

What it takes to transform ordinary life to extra-ordinary?

Without exception, like most of the people you surely have final desirable outcome in mind.  You know what you want from life. . It means you have goals in life. On an average, you may have broad picture of your life in your mind as below

  • Career – What you want to achieve, or what level do you want to reach to in your organization?
  • Relationship – Which of your relationship do you want to improve over the period of time? How to make your relationship more meaningful?
  • Financial – How much do you want to earn per month? How you can keep it growing year by year?
  • Parenting – How do you want to raise your children? How to help them become successful?
  • Art or hobby – Do you want to learn any art or hobby in a year
  • Skill – Do you want to improve any of the skills like presentation skill or public speaking or negotiation?
  • Pleasure – How do you want to enjoy your life? What does make you feel contented?
  • Health – How to maintain your fitness? How to lose your weight?

These are nothing but a goal. These are directions where you want to lead your life. But still, your life remains ordinary in the absence of fulfillment of these goals. Because, most of the times you face dilemma of choices in life and unable to decide one goal over the other.

How to prioritize the goals?

Life has changed in past few decades. It took more of multi-dimensional approach. There are challenges in every aspect of life. Everyone is stuck in those challenges and try every bit to multitask to meet those challenges. You have at least one goal in every aspect where you want to improve yourself. You have relations to improve, financial condition to make strong, you even have to become perfect parent, you want to ladder up fast in career and of course you want to live a contented life too.

Wanting to do so many things at the same things make you overwhelmed and you end up with doing nothing great in any of those areas. Isn’t it right? You are not able to decide what to pick up first.

Long ago, there published a nice article in The New Yorker written by David Sedaris. He has given a wonderful concept of Four Burner Theory. According to him, everyone has a life is represented by a stove with four burners on it.

The Four Burner Theory says that, “in order to be successful you have to cut off one burner and in order to be really successful you have to cut off two.”The Four Burner Theory by Davis Sedaris

The Four Burner Theory

To live better, you need to choose it better

It highlights the important message here. You life is all about choices. You need to choose deliberately what is most important for you to make your life more meaningful in your opinion.

If you want to excel in your work and marriage, then your health and friends may have to suffer. If you want be healthy and succeed as a parent then you might be forced to lower your career ambitions.

You also have a choice to give equal importance to all of the burners and divide your time into four, but then you need to understand it that you will never do exceedingly well in any of these areas. Your life is an average of these fours. Read about the Four Burner theory here 

Trying to fuel every burner? Watch it then

So, the key here is to decide what is most important for you and work in that area only. Trying to fuel every burner now and then is the real culprit making your life an ordinary life. Better to reach to them one by one. Just focus on one area which you want to improve first. Press a pause button on other areas for a while. You will accomplish your goal quickly then as you are fully committed to the single goal. In absence of choosing one goal over the others, you achieve none of the goals. Your life becomes ordinary life.

Delimma of choices


“The question I ask myself like almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’” – Mark Zuckerberg.

This gives the important insight here. Usually when you fail to do something big in life, you think something was wrong with your ability to achieve goal. What looks like a problem with goal setting is in fact the problem of goal selection. You never selected one goal and never ever followed it up till the end.

So, better to choose one goal while deliberately eliminating others for a while and stay focused on that goal until you achieve it.

If you ever have raised gardening plants then you must be aware of the concept of pruning. You need to cut few branches of the bush to help grow remaining branches well. Same is the case with our goals. Prune less important ones and work on what is most important. Fulfillment of important goals will transform your ordinary life into extra-ordinary.

Step ahead and act on the decided goals to make them a reality.

You need something more than just setting goals to transform your life. If you are living an ordinary life then definitely you are lacking either of the proper plans or actual execution of the plan or both of them.

Your goals are like destinations. Unless you prepare a roadmap to reach to that destination and unless you actually start walking towards those destinations, you won’t reach there.

In career, if your goal is to become a GM in organization, then you must have a action plan to become worthy of that position along with plan to show your worthiness to your top management.

When in relationship, if you want to improve your relations, then you need to have a action plan to commit yourself to that relations and make other person feel something special about this relationship.

Take the case of financial goal, if your aim is to increase the income every year, then you must have a proper action-plan to create avenues to maximize earning per month.

Similarly, In health goal, if your aim is to lose your weight, then you must have plan about daily exercise regime.

It means if goals are your destinations, then action plans are the GPRS system which tell you possible ways to reach to that destinations.

So, do not settle. Chose what goals are important for you right now and stay focused on them.

Let me know what your goals are and I will make every effort to let you know how you can achieve your goal.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts to know more about time tested techniques on how to make every goal a smart goal and how to achieve them without fail.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. they may be missing the important link of choosing right goal for them.

Keep reading, keep growing !



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